Is it possible to learn English with movies? Yes it is but, you should follow some particular methods when you watch English movies. So, i want to share some information about English subtitle movies to learn English. Now please go ahead, read below explanatin and watch sample video.

Learning English with Movies

English learners have an important advantage on learners of some other languages: Hollywood is in The u.s.a. and it generates English-language movies. Hence, if you know English and you simply like movies, why don’t you watch movies throughout English? You will get entertaining and, together, learn about a great deal of English.

If you’re a lover of movies, you will appreciate that they can be superior within the original. Watching a dubbed film won’t be as nice as watching the original edition. Why? Since in the original version, the actor’s voices are actual. Things are much like the director thought.

Learning English by means of watching movies can be learning by means of input. The particular learning procedure is comparable. Firstly you get plenty of right English phrases into your head. Then you can definitely copy them and you may you could make your own sentences. And isn’t that why you are learning English– as a way to build your own sentences? This is why watching movies (the same as reading books) is certainly a sensible way to learn English.

Certainly, you’ll find critical differences between movies and books. Using books, you learn precisely how native speakers write inside English. Using movies, you learn the way they speak English.

You learn exactly what words they prefer. When speaking, native speakers make use of words and phrases which you frequently won’t find in a book. Spoken language differs from “book language”. By way of example:

Book: The cost of five dollars was satisfactory, and I made a decision to buy it.

Spoken: It was, love, 5 bucks, therefore I was like “okay”.

In a lot of movies, the particular dialog is like real spoken English. Movies in addition help you learn casual and also slang phrases which are not yet around English dictionaries. For instance, in a movie you could possibly hear Give me the freaking keys!, nevertheless, you won’t find the wordfreaking inside a dictionary.

You learn the way they are saying these kinds of vocabulary. Movies allow you to boost your pronunciation, not simply grammar and vocabulary. If you tune in to Americans or Britons speaking English, you can learn to speak like them.


You discover how to understand spoken language. Movies are produced for native speakers, not really for learners of English. Hence the famous actors talk fast, exactly like local speakers talk in the real world.

Movies are perfect for learning English Nevertheless, you must have used them the right way. Don’t watch all of an English movie. You do not realize it, and thus you do not learn nearly anything.

Merely watch just one scene or maybe part a week (probably 2-3 minutes). Use this procedure:

  1. To begin with, watch the particular scene with subtitles within your language. This will assist understand the overall meaning.
  2. Second, watch the actual scene using English subtitles. Pause. Work with a dictionary to look for new vocabulary you don’t recognize. Write the new phrases within a notebook.
  3. Listen to the particular scene a few times, along with English subtitles. Don’t pause.
  4. Listen to the actual scene a few times, without subtitles.
  5. Repeat 1) – 4) every day for just one week.

Around the second week, go to the next scene/segment and also repeat once again. It will require you a very long time to complete a movie. That’s Fine, since you will increase your listening as well as speaking Very Quickly. This technique is definitely powerful, apply it!

Watch English Movies

You can find lots of English movies on the internet. For example has offer you a large movie archive to you for a small fee. Click here to view more details. And now, i want to show you a sample movie part below. You can find the subtitles under the video. Watch Hitch movie intro here:

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