Today I want to talk about Real Translator Jobs. This is very interesting topic for bilingual people who wants to make money online. English is an international language but there is still needs translation for non English speakers. First watch below video and click the link under the video to learn much more about Real Translator Jobs.

What Is Real Translator Jobs?

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Translation involves communicating the meaning of a given language text (source) into the same or equivalent text of another language. This means that a translator should be able to speak, read and write at least two languages with perfect fluency. With the emergence of the internet, the global communication and marketing industry continues to grow in bound. And as the world becomes more of a global village, you can make money from translation jobs because jobs will continue to be on high demand, with total world spoken languages estimated to be close to 6,500.

As the professionals responsible for converting information from one language to another, interpreters and translators have their work cut out for them. Despite being closely related, interpreters work with spoken language, as well as sign language, while tra nslators’ purview is the written word. To convert information from one language (the source) to another (the target), these professionals must use their knowledge of the languages, cultures and subject matter.

A good translator will know how to verbally communicate in their language of choice, as well as how to read and write effectively in that language. The attention to detail that is required in some aspects of translation (with grammar, pronouns and cultural differences being just to name a few) is considerable, making this job more difficult than most people realize. An important aspect of being an effective translator is translating concepts, which is much harder than just translating words on paper.

english-translation-jobBeing a specialized profession with limited qualified members, translation is one of the best paying jobs we have today. But like any other career, it is one full of mixed fortunes, with a very huge gap between the best paid and the least paid translators, with the lowest making about $28,500 and the best going to $175,000 or even higher on some jobs. With an annual growth rate of 13%, translation jobs will continue to be there, both in governments, churches and the private sector.

There are a number of tips on how to make money from translation jobs, including:- Focus on the languages that are, or are expected to be in very high demand, like the Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Globally, Spanish, English and French translation skills will remain some of the highest sought after languages.- Do not be a master of all trades, specialize and get accreditation in one language pair and get accreditation. This will get you some of the best paying jobs because of your unique talents. Taking a language proficiency test will buffer your resume, just as internship experience will give you advantage over others in job search. Advance your skills as you gain more experience as this will enable you take up prestigious or difficult jobs.

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  • Become a freelance translator. Some translators make money from translation jobs while working from their home because the work is just e-mailed to them or they simply visit a certain website and pick up translation jobs. Purchase some translation software solutions like Trados or Wordfast, then visit websites that offer online jobs such as, ,, Translatorscafe,, and You can register for free or go for paid up registration, even though free registration will limit you in accessing high paying jobs. You will not believe how much you can make a freelancer, especially if you work fulltime. Just post out your resume detailing your notable previous assignments job will come flowing in you until you end up turning off many of them because of time.
  • Get a job with a translation agency. Send your resume to the translation agencies in your area, and you will get lots of translation jobs. Translatorscafe and American Translators Association have more than 5450 translation agencies registered with them.
  • If you want to make money from translation jobs, Start Your Own Translation Agency. This will earn you very good money, even though you have to exercise some patient before your presence over the internet gets noticed. You must also be prepared to compete with established translation agencies to succeed. For instance, US based translation agencies, Mission Essential Personnel and Lionbridge Technologies registered revenues of $725m and $427m respectively in 2011 alone. Don’t just sit there gasping, get down to starting your own agency right now and join the league of money makers.
  • Evaluate the level of concentration in your geographical location. English-Spanish languages are highly competitive, but you can make money from translation jobs in English-Arabic or English-Chinese languages. These languages are relatively difficult and people get very scared. Better still, every language needs a translator, so you need not worry whether you will get a job, but how long it will get you to get one.
  • You can also make money from translation jobs by teaching languages online or becoming an interpreter.

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If you make money from translation jobs, how much and how hard should you work to say claim to have professionally succeeded? If a translator has to work for far too long, say over 12 hours a day, to make decent money, can that be said to be successful? Or is there a certain cut-off point of income that helps us determine if someone is successful or not? Those are an argument for another day.

It is projected that by 2018, the employment of interpreters and translators is projected to increase 22 percent. This number is well above average for other careers, so you can plan to make money from translation jobs, by opening an agency, becoming a freelancer translator, or simply joining the profession and looking for some of the well paying jobs in this industry. Given that the internet has made the world a digital village, and with online, affiliate and internet marketing plus shopping continuing to grow in leaps, the growth statistics are just a conservative estimate. If you are thinking about getting into the bright language translation or interpretation field, it definitely looks a very good career decision, one that will not drive you into regrets.

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