According to A.J. Hoge of “Effortless English,” in order to speak the English language well, English language learners must learn real English. To learn real English, it is important to follow Effortless English Rule 6 and use real English materials. “Real English materials” can be defined as any reading materials that native speakers would choose to read or any listening materials that are made up of real conversations by native speakers. Basically, by eliminating all language learning textbooks and audio and by strictly using real English materials, students will not only learn to speak English more fluently, but also sound more natural when speaking.

effortless-english-speaking.jpgWhen choosing reading material, it is best for English language learners to choose easy stories or novels that they find interesting. This way, readers are more likely to enjoy the stories and less likely to tire or lose interest in them. The same argument applies to listening material. Since English language students learn 80% of English through listening skills, it is important for them to listen to real conversations that are interesting and intriguing. Keeping a learner’s attention is very important to their learning at a quicker and more efficient pace.

Podcasts are highly recommended as great listening tools, as conversations are natural. There is also a great array of different topics to choose from, including podcasts about sports, cars, music, or movies. Another tool which can help improve an English language learner’s speaking skills is the audio book, which combines both reading and listening material together in a pre-recorded book. It is wise for English language learners to start with children’s books, as the level is easier to understand, and as learners improve their English skills, they can then move on to more advanced stories geared towards young adults and later to even more advanced material geared towards adults, including advanced reading materials or adult movies and news stations or channels.

By choosing real English materials such as books, audio books, movies, podcasts, and TV shows, English language learners are exposed to and can learn real English. Through reading and listening, learners can slowly begin to experience the spoken words of the English language, and with repetitive and continued practice, will improve their own speaking skills. The importance of using real English materials, which exposes English language learners to natural conversations, cannot be stressed enough.

English language textbooks and audio are unnatural and staged, and teach language learners to speak formally and artificially. The vocabulary and grammar taught in textbooks is usually geared towards helping improve writing skills rather than speaking skills. In order to be able to get by speaking to native speakers, English language learners must learn to speak naturally, as though they are in an English language environment. The only way that this can be done is by using the same reading materials that native speakers read or listening to audio that contains real conversations by native speakers. Overall, English language learning using real English materials is not only a great way to learn English, but also a great way to have fun.

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