As you remember, when we talking about Effortless English rule number 2, we told you do not study grammar rules. You might be shocked a little bit and you might tought that but how can I learn English grammar without studying grammar rules. Well, today you are going to find out the answer.

This is Effortless English rule 5, Use Point Of View stories to learn English grammar automatically. Yes, you can learn grammar instantly, subconsciously and automatically with Effortless English lessons.

What is Point Of View?

point-of-view-english-grammarWho in their right mind really wants to study grammar? A grammar text book and exercises are very boring. No one wants to spend hours trying to understand English grammar. It’s no fun. Here’s the good news, though: you can still learn it without staring at a grammar book for a long time. The technique is called Point of View Stories or Point of View Mini Stories.

You need to understand what “mini” means to fully comprehend what Point of View Mini Stories are. “Mini” means small. So, for example, if you have a “mini” car, your car is small. A mini story is a small story, and a Point of View Mini Story is a small story that you can use to learn English grammar.

The next step is to understand where “point of view” comes in. When the time or grammar structures in the story are changed, you can say that the “point of view” of the story changes. This is kind of like the traditional meaning of “point of view” that means someone’s perspective or way of understanding something. If you change the verbs in a story from the present to the past tense, for example, we can say that the point of view changed.

Take the following mini story that is happening in the present tense, right now, for example: She goes to the library. Then she walks to the park to read her book. This story happened in the present tense. What happens if I change the two verbs in the story to the past tense? She went to the library. Then she walked to the park to read her book.

When you listen to or read the two stories over and over again, you will begin to remember the differences in the verbs. Repeat these stories to yourself to begin to understand the present and past tenses in English.

You could also change the story to the future tense. She will go to the library. Then she will go to the park to read her book. You could also talk about what she may do. She would like to go to the library. Then she wants to walk to the park to read her book.

These stories can be changed in any number of ways to teach you grammar without having to think about words like “irregular verbs,” “conditionals,” or “future tense.” This was just a very simple example of how you can use a mini story to understand English grammar.

In the Point of View Mini Story technique, you will listen to stories that are a bit longer, but the idea is the same. The stories are relatively short, and they introduce you to English grammar in a way that is easy to remember and to use. You will learn without having to memorize grammar rules. All you have to do is learn English like you learned your first language: by actually using it in a way that makes sense. Now watch below video to learn more about Effortless English point of view mini story lessons.

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