effortless-english-rul-4-videoToday, you are going to learn Efforltess English rule 4. This is a distinct approach to learning English which is called the “fourth rule for speaking English”. When you practice this method of learning English you will get good results in your learning, your English will just be excellent. This method involves deep learning where you repeat what you have learnt many times until you get your desired results.

This way of learning English will help you learn English greatly more than the way you were taught at school because at school you were required to learn very fast leaving you with no chance of repeating what you have learnt. At school you were taught very many vocabulary and you were taught very fast. You were also introduced to new grammar each week and introduced to new words everyday and all these were done too fast for you to master.

The teachers at school were determined to cover all the topics of the text books at specified term limits that’s why they taught you to master the words fast. The problem with learning so many things at a specified time period is that you may end up forgetting everything that you have learnt or if not so you may forget some.

It is important that you learn new topics slowly and then try to repeat what you have learned many times until you get to understand them fully before moving on to the next topic. This way you get to learn things deeply and in the end you surely get to understand them. Perhaps you may have learned possessiveness or learned about future tense and present perfect tense. This you learned so fast that you didn’t master the past tense because you learned everything so fast and did not learn deeply. You will be making mistakes with the past tense because you didn’t learn it deeply and consequently you didn’t master it.

It is advisable that if you are for example listening to an audio article as a way of learning, don’t just listen to it once but do it as many times as you possibly can until you can master what the article is all about. When you do this you will have actually practiced deep learning. You are advised to keep on listening English even more even if you have known the vocabulary. This is so because being conversant with the vocabulary is not enough but hearing it repeatedly makes you master it very well. This way you will be able to speak English faster and also be able to use grammar correctly.

When you are listening to a story in past tense you are advised to listen to it many times as this will help you in the mastery of how to correctly use the past tenses. You are also advised to take keen interest on popular English words, and the most popular vocabulary. You keep listening and then repeat what you have done as this the best way for you to learn deeply. This is how you will automatically start speaking English fluently.

Effortless English Lessons For Deep Learning

Effortless English course has great mp3 listening lessons to help you to learn English deeply. Especially mini story lessons are very powerful materials which lots of repetition. AJ Hoge ask you a lot of easy questions and you just answer them out loud. So you have a chance to learn English deeply.

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