This is another tip for learning English easily and fast. We shared before Effortless English tip 1: learning English phrases so that learn vocabulary faster and remember them longer. AJ Hoge explained how to use phrases to improve your vocabulary.

And rule number 2: Don’t study grammar rules. This is a very suprising rule for most of English learners. Because schools told them study grammar constantly. But the truth is you should stay away grammar rules. Because it kills your speaking skills. Click here to watch AJ Hoge video for rule number 2. So in this lesson you will learn rule number 3 of Effortless English.

What Is The Key To Learn English Easily?

practice-english-listeningExperts have emphasized since long on the importance of Listening to a language in order to speak it correctly and the same stands true for English. In below video tutorial named Effortless English Rule 3, A.J Hoge who is any expert on English and also the director of Effortless English. And Effortless English series has laid strongly stress on this rule.

According to A.J. Hoge Rule number 3 which states that “Learn English with your ears, not with your eyes” seems fairly simple and straightforward yet it is the most important rule or suggestion of the entire Effortless English program. The instructor states that in order to have excellent spoken English Skills, it is important that learners put their ears to use because listening is the key to having excellent English speaking skills.

It is important to understand that why is listening so important to quickly and easily getting good at speaking English. By listening to English you add to your vocabulary and develop a general yet an applied understanding of how a language which in this case is English is spoken in actuality or in real life. Listening is the magic key which can exponentially increase your English speaking skills in a very short period of time.

One of the reasons why most people have trouble in speaking smooth steady English is because in schools pupil are generally taught to learn English by watching or reading instead of listening. Schools all around the world have a huge emphasis on textbooks and learning through reading and since English is taught in schools. Therefore the same formula is applied to this subject too.

How To Practice English Listening

This enhanced reliance on text books and on the methodology of learning English through eyes leaves students with very strong basics and academic understanding about what, where and why and the rules of English but fails to deliver to them the practical knowledge required to speak fluent error free English.

This is one of the reasons why native language speakers are so good at speaking their language despite the fact that they might not have adequate grounding in the rules and regulations of English. This knowledge of speaking fluent, error free English is acquired by the natives through listening to other English speakers and then adapting what has been learned through listening.

Despite this methodology being fairly simply there are some specifics involved in making it effective and first and the foremost is to ensure that as a learner who is learning to speak fluent English you should only listen to Easy English. What does easy English mean? Easy English means that English which 95% or more is understandable to you when being spoken and you do not require a dictionary to understand the words being used in while that English is being used.

A good place to start is with children programs that utilize basic English language. Another source could be audio books for teenagers because these sources utilize very basic English therefore they are easy to understand while being listened too. Audio articles are also a potent tool to put this methodology to practice but the core idea is for a learner to listen to as much English as possible. You should utilize IPod’s, Mp3 players to listen to English at any available opportunity and this consistent listening to English is sure to enhance a person’s English speaking skills in a very short span of time.

Effortless English course has lots of great listening lessons. You can use this lessons to improve your listening and speaking skills. This is very useful for intermediate and advanced learners.

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