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Hi, I am A.J. Hoge. Do you feel embarrassed, nervous or shy when speaking English? Does your English speaking feel slow and unnatural? Can you read well, but cannot speak well?

Well, you are not alone. Your problems are caused by the old methods you used to learn English. My Power English course is different. With Power English, you will learn naturally like a child. You never study grammar rules. You learn with your ears by listening. You learn actively by answering questions.

The Power English course will train you to speak English faster, more clearly and more automatically without thinking about grammar. You will feel calmer, more relaxed and more confident when speaking English. You will speak more naturally like a native speaker. Your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation will all improve. When you get Power English now, heres what you get. A six month course which includes;

  • Action vocabulary lessons. With Power English, you will learn with your ears.
  • Audio vocabulary lessons are more powerful than written lessons.
  • Listen and answer story lessons. These lessons train you to think in English, understand faster and speak faster without thinking. These are the most powerful lessons in the course.
  • Point Of View stories. Point of view lessons are the secret to English grammar. You don’t study grammar rules, you learn grammar naturally just like American children do.
  • Main Audio lessons. The main audios improve your listening and speaking. They also teach you powerful success techiques. These tecniques improve your English and many other areas of your life.

And as a bonus, action vocabulary videos. Action vocabulary is one of the most powerful ways to learn faster and remember longer. Using these simple videos, you will quicly learn new words and phrases.

And another bonus, text quides. You get text for all audio lessons. You understand %100 because you can always check the text to be sure, you understand what you hear. And a special bonus, forum membership. When you join the Power English course today, you become a member of our Effortless English community. Meet other members in our forums, practice your English and make new international friends.

When you are ready to speak English faster, easier and more automatically, join my Power English course now. Welcome.

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Learn English From Home

You don’t need to go schools to learn English. In fact schools and textbooks didn’t help you to speak English so far. Now, you can learn English speaking from your home or where ever you want.

Learning English Time

Time is very important. Especially for bussy persons. Now you can improve your English skills at any time. You can listen Power English lessons any time you want. So you can make your program on your own.

The Key to Success

Speaking English is very important skill today. You can communicate all over the word, make a lot more money and achieve your dreams. So don’t hesitate and start today to improve your speaking.

What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let Power English users do the talking!

“Effortless English method works, you just need to relax and enjoy. Power English course is very useful for me. Only thing you need is to be patient. Listen mini stories, answer simple questions, and one day, your brain will make the miracle. We start to think in English, without translations.”

Vicente Queretaro

“A.J., I followed your advice. I used Power English exactly as you said. I downloaded the lessons and listened to them everyday. I used your schedule. Now I can really speak English! I’m so excited. Thanks for helping me finally speak English! ”

Mercedes Pintado

“Here my story; I live in Mexico City. I want to thank you for the Power English lessons you gave me. Last week I waos in Cleveland, USA. I was talking with real native speakers! My experience with the English language was really good– I really could express many emotions and ideas. Thanks you so much.”

Jose Antonio Abrajan Perez

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Power English Course Includes

Listening Audio Mp3 Lessons

Just relax and listen main audio lesson. You will improve your listening skills. Also you will learn very practical and inspiring information for leadership, personal devolopment, success and life itself. Main audio lessons help you to gain a great vision.

Vocabulary Lessons

In the main audio lessons, you will see new words. AJ Hoge explains the meaning of these new words with simple examples and related words.

Mini Story Lessons

Mini stories are the most powerful part of the Power English course. You will listen a very crazy and fun story which includes new vocabulary from the main audio. In the mini story lessons, AJ Hoge asks a lot of easy questions about the story. All you need to do is to answer them out loud with a few words.  If you can’t answer the question at the first time, don’t worry. Just relax and listen. You will hear the correct answers after the question. And next time, you will be able to say the answers. It means you can practice English speaking.

Point of View Lessons

In the Effortless English system, you never stuoudy grammar rules. Instead you will learn to use grammar automatically when you speak English. With POV lessons, you will learn grammar subconsciously.

A.J. Hoge the Teacher

effortless-english-learning.jpgA.J. Hoge is the Director of Effortless English LLC and the Founder of the Effortless English Program. He has a Masters degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), a Masters degree in Social Work, and a Bachelors degree in Journalism. He is a trained TPRS teacher and a graduate of Tony Robbins’ Leadership Academy.
Mr. Hoge has taught English at Thammasat University in Thailand and Hirodai University in Japan. His Power English Newsletter has nearly 1 million subscribers from every continent of the world. He is a highly sought after speaker, teacher and coach and is recognized as a top expert in the fields of English education, teacher training, and English speaking.

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