According to rule 4 of Everyday English course, you must learn to think in English, don’t translate sentences into your native language. This is very important for speking English fluently. So you must train yourself to think in English. But how to learn English that way?

Please watch below video lesson by Joyce Martens and find out how to think in English and speak without translating vocabulary and sentences in your head.

Speak English Without Translation

Everyday English principle number 4: Think in English. Don’t translate the information in English, in your language. Utilize the English language that you know to comprehend English. If you train your brain, to find out concepts inside English, you will see normal English more speedily.

Try to use an English-English dictionary prior to using a bilingual dictionary. All of the words that you apply to attempt to realize English, needs to be English. This can be easier to do if you follow principle number 1. Listen to English each day that is easy to understand.

Choose to listen to vocabulary that one could understand at the very least 60% of what you listened. Don’t translate the particular phrases in your language. Hold thinking within English. Make an effort to recall the language you know. Think of English phrases you know which have the idea that you are thinking about. Exercise your mind to recollect the vocabulary, key phrases and content.

Whenever you apply principle # 2 you might be knowing the music of English. When you exercise tip number three, you might be picking out the words that you simply held in your head by means of repetition and you’re simply keeping in mind all of them or even remembering them.

To speak English very easily and naturally you need to educate your mind to think in English. Do not translate the ideas to your very own language. Train thinking in English. This is challenging to do at the beginning and you might believe that it is not possible.

You could claim Joyce, I cannot think in English. I need to translate that straight into my own, personal language. And I will say fine, i understand. I understand it is hard in the beginning. However you will make that a goal. You’ll be able to explain to your self i’ll attempt to think in English nearly i can. And sometime soon, I won’t translate the language I believe anymore. I will certainly comprehend the concepts within my head inside English.

Right here is the confidence. You understand greater than you did the other day. You’re getting ready as well as learning. You will be successful. The actual stories within the internet site, are created to allow you to think in English. I will show you a story. In the story, I am going to require questions. You should response the actual questions as fast as you can. As a result you think in English. The particular questions will be really simple.

The following is one example: Anna went shopping at the mall yesterday. Did Anna go shopping the mall yesterday? And you say YES!. Who went shopping the mall yesterday? And you say ANNA! Once you response the particular questions swiftly in English, it can make your brain think in English effortlessly.

You won’t translate directly into your individual language together with these kinds of simple questions. While I talk to a question, you may reply outloud. Speak loudly and answer the particular questions promptly.

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