Learn Real English course has 7 powerful rules just like Effortless English method. These rules will help you to learn English faster. You will also be able to improve your listening and speaking skills if you use these rules when you study English. So it is not important to know about the rules but it is very imporant to use them.

The first rule of the Learn Real English system is about accumulating vocabulary. The fact that this information is taught in a far different way and that each rule can be learned in a single day, allowing students to learn the entire technique in one week makes it far different when it comes to being able to learn English vocabulary than anything that has ever been offered before.

We already mentioned about Learn Real English course before. You can improve listening, understanding English and speaking skills with this very useful course. Many people struggle to learn English. In fact, people that are native English speakers spend most of their lives trying to learn all of the nuances of the English language.

Some people are better at it than others, but many people that are well educated make mistakes when it comes to properly speaking or writing the English language on a regular basis. Imagine being someone that is not a native English speaker and having to memorize all this information correctly. It can be overwhelming and it often makes it difficult to learn this language at all.

real-english-conversation-lessonsThat is why Learn Real English, has gained so much popularity. Essentially, there are seven rules to using this system that help people learn English quickly and easily without bogging them down with all of the complicated rules of grammar that are used in more traditional methods of learning. The first rule is perhaps the most important and it dictates that people learn English by utilizing phrases as opposed to single words. While there are actually six other rules that follow the first one, this is perhaps the most important rule of the entire program. It sets the foundation for everything else that will be learned later on.

This helps individuals who are not native English speakers learn English vocabulary faster and it also helps them have a better understanding of the correct phrases that they need to use because they are able to determine simply by listening whether or not that phrase is being pronounced correctly. As a result, the Learn Real English system is one of the most innovative ways of learning English that has been developed in a very long time. It is also one of the most potentially effective systems that currently exists. This is a system that almost anyone who is attempting to learn English can benefit a great deal from.

Learn Real English Rule 1: learn phrases not individual words

It means you always study and review phrases. To speak English better you must study English phrases, not individual words. Americans speak English in chunks or phrases; they do not speak word by word. Now, please watch below video to find out more about this powerful rule of learn real English.

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Learn Real English system rule number 1 is to always learn English phrases, and to never, never study just individual words.  So in this course we’re going to teach you a totally new way to learn English, a totally new way to study English, so that you can speak English quickly, easily, automatically, powerfully, confidently.

So what’s the old way of learning English?  You know it because you learned it in school.  You’ve been using it for years and years and years.  You sit in a classroom.  You’ve got a textbook.  You memorize lists of vocabulary words.  You study lots and lots and lots of grammar rules.  You do lots of reading and little fake conversation drills and activities.  And this is the traditional old way of learning English but we have a totally new and different way of learning it.  And we’re going to teach you each part of that, one part every day for a full seven days.

So let’s start with Part 1, Secret 1, Rule # 1…learn phrases, not individual words.  Now, of course, a phrase is a group of words.  It’s a group of words that naturally go together.  This is very important.  You see, when you only study individual words, you are doing a number of things that make learning difficult. Number one, when you study just an individual word like a vocabulary, something in a vocabulary list, or even in your notebook you write one single word and then you write the meaning or the translation, here’s the problem.  That word has no connections to anything else.  Therefore, it’s difficult for your brain to remember it.

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