Learn Real English course has created by A.J. Hoge from Effortless English and his two friends to help people who are struggling to speak English like a native. May be you have been learning English for years in school. However you can not understand movies in English language. And you can not speak English fluently. That’s why the learn real English course has created.

The website learnrealenglish.com is a resource for those who want to better their English speaking abilities. It was created by three English teacher with a combined twenty five years of experience. It is not meant to teach English from scratch or to teacher grammar rules, but instead suggests that learners learn real English. As stated on the website, this is much better for situations like travel and job interviews. This website focuses on the most important part of language learning, which is being able to actually communicate in the new language. The Real English Conversations lesson package contains over 35 hours of lessons, enough for more than six months. It is basically a collection of recordings of English speakers that a student can listen to until they understand more of the language.

learn-real-english-conversationsThe website’s homepage covers many topics. After some customer testimony and a video introduction, it compares it’s method of language learning to the traditional method. It correctly claims that textbook English is very different from spoken English. In order to speak English, students must listen to real English conversations. It explains that the system will teach idioms, which are phrases that do not directly translate into other languages. Use of idioms is a often associated with being a fluent English speaker. They claim to also teach slang words, which are also common in fluent English speakers.

The Learn Real English website also explains the differences between how children learn language and how adults learn language. It explains how children do not study grammar or vocabulary, but pick up the language naturally from conversations. Most adults cannot pick up languages as easily as children, however they have modeled their language learning system after this idea. Their system is a more natural way to learn language, compared to the traditional textbook and drill method.

The website outlines what exactly the students will learn from this method. This includes how to understand real English conversations, how to learn grammar and vocabulary without memorizing, how to study like the best, and other topics. It also claims to show new speakers how to connect with each other. These goals are reached by listening to audio vocabulary lessons, listen and answer mini stories, and real English conversations. This offer comes with three “bonuses” which include point of view grammar lessons, free text for everything, and access to the Effortless English Learning Forum online. These tools add to the main materials to help with learning English.

The entire system costs $97 and can be used anytime. It is less expensive than many classes and tutors and it convenient. However, one problem with systems like these is that it is up to the student to practice as often as possible, or else they will not get better at English. It is noted that the system can be returned for full purchase price within thirty days.

Under the Newsletter tab on the website, students can sign up to have a free 7-Day Video Course emailed to them. Some topics in this free video course include: Always Study Phrases, Not Individual Words, Do Not Study Grammar Rules, Listen First, and Slow, Deep Learning Is Best. These videos further explain how the system works and why it is better than traditional methods. The speakers speak very slowly and clearly and are easy to understand.

Under the Blog tag, there are many blogs on which people can write about this system. Most of the comments are positive. People generally like using the system and think it is helping them with their English. Many comments say that they can speak English better already.  Under the Contact tag, there is a mailing address, an email address, and a phone number.

Overall, the website is written very clearly and simply. The font is large and clear and important words are indicated by being underlined, bolded, or in CAPS. This is helpful for speakers of a second language because it shows what is important to focus on. The system is good because it is similar to how children learn language naturally. The system is made up of recordings of English lessons and conversations, as spoken by natural English speakers. The more someone listens to these recordings, the more exposed he will become to the language and the better speaker he will become.

Learn Real English Lessons

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Read the transcript of the video here: Can you speak real English? Probably not. In school you did not learn real English. you learned textbook English. For example in school you learned “hi how are you? I’m fine and you?” Well real people almost never say that. We don’t say that. Real people say that “hey what’s up. What you’ve been doing? how you doing?” That is a real English greeting that we use everyday.

You never learned that in school, you never learned that in a textbook. To understand real people, to speak to real people, to have real English conversations, you must learn the real English that we use everyday. With learn real English, we always teach you real everyday English. Our lessons teach you the real English used by real people, not textbook English. Get our lessons today and start learning real English.

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