We made a new animation explainer video presentation for Power English course. We hope that you will enjoy this video called how to speak English fluently. So we will soon redesign our website and create more useful content to introduce the Power English lessons. But now, please watch below video and share it on you social media like facebook.

Power English Speaking Lessons

Meet Alex. He wants to speak English. His grammar was good. But he couldn’t speak. First, he tried old learning methods He went to an English school. He read more boring textbooks. He studied more grammar and took more tests. But Alex couldn’t speak English still. Until he found Power English Lessons.

We gave him Power English Lessons. 2 Hours a day, he listened our lessons and learnt with his ears. He listened our mini story lessons and answered easy questions. He improved his English speaking skills easily. Power English Course has:

  • Audio Mp3 lessons
  • Mini Story Lessons
  • Vocabulary Lessons
  • POV Lessons,
  • Listening MP3s
  • Reading Pdf texts
  • Bonus videos
  • Forum membership

Alex has improved his English speaking very fast. He can speak English fluently now. You can speak English too! Just use Power English Lessons. Listening & Speaking Lessons, EffortlessEnglishSpeaking.com

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