I wanted to write you about learning English as a second language today. Especially I wanted to point out a few tips for speaking English fluently. This is a really common want which people desire to communicate with all over the word. Because English language is an international communication method. Well lets get started to look at tips for how to speak English fluently.

1) Don’t study grammar too much – Access of everything is bad and same is in the case of leaning English speaking. If you are starting English speaking you must have basic grammar knowledge but it should not be in access. If you want to speak fluent English than you must try to speak without studying English.

2) Use dictionary – Just check the correct pronunciation of words that are need to be spell or in daily use for you. You must use Dictionary or a pocket guide so that you can make a vast vocabulary.

3) Read Aloud in English – To be a fluent English speaker you need to make yourself habitual of speaking English on daily ways. You should walk, talk and Eat in English. This will make English in your personality. You can easily make speaking as your daily part of life. You need to practice daily to develop strong mouth muscles which will help you in speaking English fluently.

4) Watch English Movies – yes it is right, you need to create a English environment around you this will help you and make you familiar with English and you can also make it as a part of life by including it in your daily routine. Watching English movies,  reading English novels, reading English newspaper and listen English channels like Bbc, Cnn, HBO, Star Movies etc.

5) Practice Speaking what you hear – start practicing speak what you hear in your daily use. Learn some words which you use in your daily life. Because this will help you in getting the work done in one or another way. Start talking with peoples around you with your staff or your colleges or in your family with your mother, sister, father. Start participating debate.  Start using the debated as a medium give solo presentations this will boost you and you  will be able to present your ideas in English.

I hope all points which i have mentioned will give you a good idea about how we can keep our tongue busy in speaking English and make English as a part of our life.

P.S. I highly recommend Effortless English Course for your to speak English fluently.