Online English Learning Learn English Speaking Effortlessly Wed, 04 Apr 2018 07:41:01 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How Tо Improve Engliѕh Ѕреаking Whеn Thеrе Are Nо Engliѕh Ѕреаkеrѕ Where I Live Wed, 04 Apr 2018 07:40:55 +0000 If you ѕеаrсh thе intеrnеt fоr methods tо learn Engliѕh оnlinе, уоu will come across various wеbѕitеѕ offering frее wауѕ to ѕtudу Engliѕh. You will nееd to choose thе mоѕt suitable ѕitе fоr уоur situation thаt will аllоw уоu tо learn Engliѕh in the most еffiсiеnt manner.

One оf thе first thingѕ thаt уоu will likely learn is tо listen to the аlрhаbеt tо hеаr hоw еасh lеttеr ѕоundѕ. Sооn (hореfullу!), уоu will bе аblе to create with thеѕе lеttеrѕ уоur оwn words and lеаrn how tо pronounce thеm аѕ well.

It is vitаl to ѕеlесt thе wеbѕitе thаt аррrоасhеѕ the lеаrning method from thе perspective оf listening, ѕреаking, reading, аѕ wеll as writing. Thеѕе аѕресtѕ саn аll bе dеvеlореd over timе as раrt оf уоur Engliѕh ѕkill ѕеt. In аѕ ѕооn аѕ a matter оf wееkѕ with hаrd wоrk and dеdiсаtiоn, you will nоt bе аblе to become fluеnt, but it iѕ possible tо become аt lеаѕt соnvеrѕаnt in thе Engliѕh lаnguаgе. Thiѕ of соurѕе аѕѕumеѕ rigоrоuѕ Engliѕh training — nоt just a lesson every now and thеn.

Onlinе ѕitеѕ provide mеthоdѕ fоr lеаrning Engliѕh fоr both аdultѕ аnd сhildrеn, often through thе utilizаtiоn in part of рlауing gаmеѕ —- even fоr the аdult sites. Thrоugh thе online games, learning English can bесоmе an easier аnd mоrе еxсiting рrосеѕѕ as you саn bе in tоuсh with plenty of English vocabulary wоrdѕ as well as thеir uѕаgе. Now you can watch below video of Effortless English speaking club’s director A.J. Hoge is talking about how to improve English speaking.

How To Practice English Speaking

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Anоthеr common lеаrning technique can bе through liѕtеning tо music. You саn liѕtеn аnd wаtсh thе lуriсѕ thаt соmе with thе tunеѕ.

how to improve English speakingSimilarly, wаtсhing English-language television (аlѕо аvаilаblе online) is оftеn rесоmmеndеd fоr those wаnting tо рiсk uр thе lаnguаgе. Mаnу wоrdѕ аnd рhrаѕеѕ аrе often subconsciously рiсkеd оvеr, раrtiсulаrlу whеn wаtсhing еlеmеntаrу-lеvеl tуреѕ of tеlеviѕiоn рrоgrаmѕ.

Lеаrning Engliѕh or any оthеr lаnguаgе оnlinе is nоt for еvеrуоnе, but еvеn fоr thоѕе people that chose a ѕсhооl fоr learning, оnlinе rеѕоurсеѕ can bе a grеаt ѕuррlеmеnt to your language learning process.

Learn Real English

Learn Real English conversation program is the best course which you can improve English speaking and listening skills. There are lots of idioms, slang and common expressions to learn in English. So if you want to understand real English, you should learn from the real English conversations.

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Learn Real English Rule 1 How to Accumulate Vocabulary Mon, 17 Oct 2016 14:14:57 +0000 Learn Real English course has 7 powerful rules just like Effortless English method. These rules will help you to learn English faster. You will also be able to improve your listening and speaking skills if you use these rules when you study English. So it is not important to know about the rules but it is very imporant to use them.

The first rule of the Learn Real English system is about accumulating vocabulary. The fact that this information is taught in a far different way and that each rule can be learned in a single day, allowing students to learn the entire technique in one week makes it far different when it comes to being able to learn English vocabulary than anything that has ever been offered before.

We already mentioned about Learn Real English course before. You can improve listening, understanding English and speaking skills with this very useful course. Many people struggle to learn English. In fact, people that are native English speakers spend most of their lives trying to learn all of the nuances of the English language.

Some people are better at it than others, but many people that are well educated make mistakes when it comes to properly speaking or writing the English language on a regular basis. Imagine being someone that is not a native English speaker and having to memorize all this information correctly. It can be overwhelming and it often makes it difficult to learn this language at all.

real-english-conversation-lessonsThat is why Learn Real English, has gained so much popularity. Essentially, there are seven rules to using this system that help people learn English quickly and easily without bogging them down with all of the complicated rules of grammar that are used in more traditional methods of learning. The first rule is perhaps the most important and it dictates that people learn English by utilizing phrases as opposed to single words. While there are actually six other rules that follow the first one, this is perhaps the most important rule of the entire program. It sets the foundation for everything else that will be learned later on.

This helps individuals who are not native English speakers learn English vocabulary faster and it also helps them have a better understanding of the correct phrases that they need to use because they are able to determine simply by listening whether or not that phrase is being pronounced correctly. As a result, the Learn Real English system is one of the most innovative ways of learning English that has been developed in a very long time. It is also one of the most potentially effective systems that currently exists. This is a system that almost anyone who is attempting to learn English can benefit a great deal from.

Learn Real English Rule 1: learn phrases not individual words

It means you always study and review phrases. To speak English better you must study English phrases, not individual words. Americans speak English in chunks or phrases; they do not speak word by word. Now, please watch below video to find out more about this powerful rule of learn real English.

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Learn Real English system rule number 1 is to always learn English phrases, and to never, never study just individual words.  So in this course we’re going to teach you a totally new way to learn English, a totally new way to study English, so that you can speak English quickly, easily, automatically, powerfully, confidently.

So what’s the old way of learning English?  You know it because you learned it in school.  You’ve been using it for years and years and years.  You sit in a classroom.  You’ve got a textbook.  You memorize lists of vocabulary words.  You study lots and lots and lots of grammar rules.  You do lots of reading and little fake conversation drills and activities.  And this is the traditional old way of learning English but we have a totally new and different way of learning it.  And we’re going to teach you each part of that, one part every day for a full seven days.

So let’s start with Part 1, Secret 1, Rule # 1…learn phrases, not individual words.  Now, of course, a phrase is a group of words.  It’s a group of words that naturally go together.  This is very important.  You see, when you only study individual words, you are doing a number of things that make learning difficult. Number one, when you study just an individual word like a vocabulary, something in a vocabulary list, or even in your notebook you write one single word and then you write the meaning or the translation, here’s the problem.  That word has no connections to anything else.  Therefore, it’s difficult for your brain to remember it.

Download: Click here to downlaod all text of this video!

Learn Real English Conversation is a great course to improve English speaking. Click below link to find out more information about this course.

Learn Real English Conversation Course

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English Movies – Useful, Not Just Fun Mon, 13 Jul 2015 23:22:17 +0000 Everyone loves watching English movies. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a British detective story or a silly, but still hilarious American comedy. Watching movies remains one of the most popular entertaining activities in the world, topping over going to the theater and reading the press. If that is not enough to appreciate the fine art of cinematography, you should know that one can learn English through movies.

SpeechyardMany people around the world have already discovered the educational value of English films. Each of us has a great possibility to make watching movies useful – and you can do it without any problems on Speechyard. Speechyard is a platform, which contains hundreds of different English movies with English subtitles. You can find a huge selection of English films, including such categories as comedy, drama, comedy, thriller, fantasy, documentary, etc. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that Speechyard has clips and videos from your favorite movie titles and popular TV series. Browse through the available videos, pick one you like and start studying English right away. While you are watching English movies, you will see subtitles carefully made for you by Speechyard specialists. If you don’t know one of the words, just click on it and you will see the translation. There is no need to go to other websites or to grab a dictionary – everything is translated in just one click, and the video stops while you learn the new word. As you watch more and more English movies with subtitles, you will discover how helpful they are when it comes to learning new words.

Do you have trouble remembering all the cool new words and expressions you’ve learned with help of English movies? Speechyard is ready to help! The words from English films you’ve found on the website can be added to the list for further learning. There is a variety of exercises and words games that will make sure that you remember each and every lexical unit you’ve previously encountered stays in your memory. You can also compare your word list to the lists of other people who enjoy English movies – the Speechyard community. You can text them and have chats to practice the phrases you have just learned.

So, go and check out loads of great English films with English subtitles on Speechyard!

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Speak English Fluently With Power English Course Mon, 15 Dec 2014 10:36:33 +0000 If you are looking for help with your English, perhaps you might be looking to speak English fluently if you cannot already, then you would be glad to know that there are resources available that can offer you some help toward reaching your goal. The Power English course helps you to learn naturally, it doesn’t enforce strict rules on you. Instead, with Power English, you will learn actively. By taking the Power English course, you will feel more confident in your ability to speak English. It is important to develop your skills so that you can speak the language on a daily basis, in conversation with people when you are communicating or expressing your feelings, wants, or concerns. If you aren’t that strong at speaking English, you do not have to be worried or embarrassed, because there is an easy way for you to get better and to learn and that is with the Power English course.

power-english-course02This course is a very easy method to follow along with, anyone can easily understand the process and follow along in order to pick-up a lot of good teaching on the right way to speak English fluently. When you want to learn English speaking methods, it is important to use resources that you can easily understand. It isn’t going to help you get anywhere if you are frustrated when you are learning. With the power English course, you will not get frustrated because this course gives you confidence and it slowly brings you along in learning how to speak the English language fluently. If you want to improve the way that you speak English, you do not have to be afraid to try and this course is there to help you to do it.

After you start with this program, you will be able to speak more naturally and others will notice the improvement in your ability to speak the language. The course is several months long and they include vocabulary lessons that enhance learning with your ears. Learning with your ears is a lot more effective than learning by reading something from a page. In the course you also get to hear stories from other people, by hearing stories from people this is how you learn proper ways of communicating the language.

This program is from Effortless English system and different from other English courses because it does not put a focus on grammar rules, instead it embraces a natural learning style and you are free to move at a pace that is your own. You can learn how to speak English just as good as those people who were born naturally speaking it. After you have completed the Power English program, you will be able to speak English fluently. There are a variety of things that are included in the course, but overall it is a simple and creative approach that can help you improve your knowledge of the English language.

If you are looking to learn effortless English speaking ways, then this program is the right option for you. This is a great value for the money and you don’t need to put much effort in before you really get results, it changes you and improves your English very quickly. You have to put in effort too though, the program doesn’t do it on its own. The course is easy so it is simple to follow along, but you must put in the effort of trying and going along with the course, at the end when you have put in the effort, you will definitely see a difference in the way that you speak English.

Click here to download Power English Course!

Learn Effortless English Tips:

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How To Speak Power English Fluently Sat, 22 Nov 2014 11:56:42 +0000 We made a new animation explainer video presentation for Power English course. We hope that you will enjoy this video called how to speak English fluently. So we will soon redesign our website and create more useful content to introduce the Power English lessons. But now, please watch below video and share it on you social media like facebook.

Power English Speaking Lessons

Meet Alex. He wants to speak English. His grammar was good. But he couldn’t speak. First, he tried old learning methods He went to an English school. He read more boring textbooks. He studied more grammar and took more tests. But Alex couldn’t speak English still. Until he found Power English Lessons.

We gave him Power English Lessons. 2 Hours a day, he listened our lessons and learnt with his ears. He listened our mini story lessons and answered easy questions. He improved his English speaking skills easily. Power English Course has:

  • Audio Mp3 lessons
  • Mini Story Lessons
  • Vocabulary Lessons
  • POV Lessons,
  • Listening MP3s
  • Reading Pdf texts
  • Bonus videos
  • Forum membership

Alex has improved his English speaking very fast. He can speak English fluently now. You can speak English too! Just use Power English Lessons. Listening & Speaking Lessons,

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Learn Real English Lessons Review Mon, 02 Jun 2014 16:59:49 +0000 Learn Real English course has created by A.J. Hoge from Effortless English and his two friends to help people who are struggling to speak English like a native. May be you have been learning English for years in school. However you can not understand movies in English language. And you can not speak English fluently. That’s why the learn real English course has created.

The website is a resource for those who want to better their English speaking abilities. It was created by three English teacher with a combined twenty five years of experience. It is not meant to teach English from scratch or to teacher grammar rules, but instead suggests that learners learn real English. As stated on the website, this is much better for situations like travel and job interviews. This website focuses on the most important part of language learning, which is being able to actually communicate in the new language. The Real English Conversations lesson package contains over 35 hours of lessons, enough for more than six months. It is basically a collection of recordings of English speakers that a student can listen to until they understand more of the language.

learn-real-english-conversationsThe website’s homepage covers many topics. After some customer testimony and a video introduction, it compares it’s method of language learning to the traditional method. It correctly claims that textbook English is very different from spoken English. In order to speak English, students must listen to real English conversations. It explains that the system will teach idioms, which are phrases that do not directly translate into other languages. Use of idioms is a often associated with being a fluent English speaker. They claim to also teach slang words, which are also common in fluent English speakers.

The Learn Real English website also explains the differences between how children learn language and how adults learn language. It explains how children do not study grammar or vocabulary, but pick up the language naturally from conversations. Most adults cannot pick up languages as easily as children, however they have modeled their language learning system after this idea. Their system is a more natural way to learn language, compared to the traditional textbook and drill method.

The website outlines what exactly the students will learn from this method. This includes how to understand real English conversations, how to learn grammar and vocabulary without memorizing, how to study like the best, and other topics. It also claims to show new speakers how to connect with each other. These goals are reached by listening to audio vocabulary lessons, listen and answer mini stories, and real English conversations. This offer comes with three “bonuses” which include point of view grammar lessons, free text for everything, and access to the Effortless English Learning Forum online. These tools add to the main materials to help with learning English.

The entire system costs $97 and can be used anytime. It is less expensive than many classes and tutors and it convenient. However, one problem with systems like these is that it is up to the student to practice as often as possible, or else they will not get better at English. It is noted that the system can be returned for full purchase price within thirty days.

Under the Newsletter tab on the website, students can sign up to have a free 7-Day Video Course emailed to them. Some topics in this free video course include: Always Study Phrases, Not Individual Words, Do Not Study Grammar Rules, Listen First, and Slow, Deep Learning Is Best. These videos further explain how the system works and why it is better than traditional methods. The speakers speak very slowly and clearly and are easy to understand.

Under the Blog tag, there are many blogs on which people can write about this system. Most of the comments are positive. People generally like using the system and think it is helping them with their English. Many comments say that they can speak English better already.  Under the Contact tag, there is a mailing address, an email address, and a phone number.

Overall, the website is written very clearly and simply. The font is large and clear and important words are indicated by being underlined, bolded, or in CAPS. This is helpful for speakers of a second language because it shows what is important to focus on. The system is good because it is similar to how children learn language naturally. The system is made up of recordings of English lessons and conversations, as spoken by natural English speakers. The more someone listens to these recordings, the more exposed he will become to the language and the better speaker he will become.

Learn Real English Lessons

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Read the transcript of the video here: Can you speak real English? Probably not. In school you did not learn real English. you learned textbook English. For example in school you learned “hi how are you? I’m fine and you?” Well real people almost never say that. We don’t say that. Real people say that “hey what’s up. What you’ve been doing? how you doing?” That is a real English greeting that we use everyday.

You never learned that in school, you never learned that in a textbook. To understand real people, to speak to real people, to have real English conversations, you must learn the real English that we use everyday. With learn real English, we always teach you real everyday English. Our lessons teach you the real English used by real people, not textbook English. Get our lessons today and start learning real English.

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Espresso English Learning Courses Thu, 20 Mar 2014 12:41:08 +0000 improve-english-speakingLearning English as a second language can be hard. There are words that are sounds the same but have different meanings. There are words that have several different meanings. There is now online help for those looking to learn the English language. The website is designed to help a person improve their speaking skills as well as grammar skills. This site can help a person work on a number of different skills. They can help a person expand their vocabulary as well as spoken English. This includes improving pronunciation. A person can also learn phrases and terms commonly used in the English language. An English learner can also be taught proper Business English terms. This program offers both ebooks and online courses as well. Proper grammar is needed but is not used often in everyday conversation.

When a person signs up for this Espresso English program they will get a free book with 500 commonly used English phrases and tips to speaking the language as a quick reference. These phrases include slang and idioms. If a person is going to be living in an English speaking country it is important to know these for everyday conversations. There are courses that will help a person learn this and learn how to use slang in everday conversation.

These Espresso English courses are great for working adults and for people with families. They can be taken anytime of the day or night from any location. There is no need to go to a physical classroom. A person can study online or download the lessons onto the computer and study in this manner. If a person does not have internet connection they can still get their workload done. These courses are self paced which will allow a person to complete the lesson as fast or as slow as they are comfortable doing. A person can take a lesson a day or a less a week. The Espresso English lessons should take around ten minutes to complete. There is no time limit given on the assignments. These courses are much easier on the students then spending hours reading the dictionary or textbooks. All classes are taught by certified English teachers. All of the lessons are taught in basic language. There is no information overload or any confusing language used.

Since January 2012 there have been over one million people that have used this Espresso English site for help with English. On any given day there are over 20,000 students that receive English help. Currently there are over 1000 students that are enrolled on a daily basis. The courses are divided into levels based on skill. There are different levels of vocabulary as there is even a speaking course. There is a course to help with pronunciation as well. In addition to courses a person can read grammar books as well. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If a person is not happy they will receive a refund within a day’s time. This course will help a person learn English and get ahead in an English speaking country.

Click here to view more details!

Click here to download Espresso English Courses!

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Unlimited Spanish Effortless Learning Lessons Fri, 21 Feb 2014 13:36:44 +0000 It is a fact that a large portion of the world population speaks Spanish. Vacationers and travelers visit Spanish speaking countries every day of the year. Therefore, it is practical to learn to speak Spanish. Those who speak the language enjoy their travels better and develop a true appreciation of the country. The people also regard them in a positive manner, if they speak their language. Speaking a second language is also an important career move because the world is getting smaller and many companies deal with Spanish speaking countries abroad. Many people find that learning to speak Spanish is hard. Fortunately, Unlimited Spanish has provided an online platform for students like you and me to learn Spanish fast with their easy  learning Spanish lessons.

unlimited-spanishThe Unlimited Spanish reviews are very positive about this new approach to learn Spanish fast. The learning Spanish lessons provided on the site are good for people who want to really get to know the language. The founder of the site, Oscar Pellus, is one who speaks Spanish like a native or like someone who was born in a Spanish speaking country. He is the one who created and developed this new, easy, learning experience.  Most people would probably agree that learning to speak Spanish like a true native is very difficult. Native speakers speak very fast. The learner often makes silly mistakes that do not represent their intent.

In this review, I will share my findings about this unique approach to learning a foreign language. Let’s take a look at the traditional way that most people learn a foreign language like Spanish. They attend a class room. They read plenty of textbooks and references on grammar. Most of the students get discouraged and give up. A few finish the course and probably forget what they learned in the classroom. Why? Well, probably because they could not relate to the things they learned in the traditional class room setting.

Unlimited Spanish has a very unique system that is nothing like the outdated traditional approach to learning a language. This approach will boost the students self confidence and help them learn Spanish fast. The learning Spanish lessons are composed of the 5 Pillars for learning Spanish. The 5 Pillars are accumulating vocabulary, learning grammar, learning deeply, speaking automatically, and staying motivated.  The fact is that people who take the course really found it a very positive experience and meaningful experience. The majority were very happy with the results. Unlimited Spanish has produced with Effortless English system exactly. So we can say this course is effortless Spanish.

Unlimited Spanish Lessons Review

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I find that the Unlimited Spanish program is a good start for the individual who would like to learn Spanish fast. The learning Spanish lessons include audio and text. They also provide good customer support for their students.  Learning Spanish has never been easier. The student is able to sign on to their computer and learn at their own pace anytime of the day or night, instead of attending a stuffy classroom. Unlimited Spanish is a great programs that provides instant learning and plenty of motivation to keep learning. With a little motivation and dedication, students will start to learn and speak like a native. This program is highly recommended to anyone who would like to learn Spanish.

Click here to download Unlimited Spanish!

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Learn English Online With English Class 101 Wed, 22 Jan 2014 14:02:35 +0000 EnglishClass101 is a place where the goal oriented people come to enhance in the English as quickly as possible. The online courses provided by this website are perfect for learning English. You start as an absolute beginner and end up as a fluent speaker. This website helps people at all the levels to improve. Your tenure with EnglishClass101 will make you confident and eloquent in English.

learn-english-online-classThis website gets you to your goal really fast. It means that you learn at the pace that is best for you. You can log on whenever you want as this website works according to your schedule. Once you are satisfied with the concepts you are being taught, then you can move to the next activity quickly. If you do not understand the lessons, then you can slow down and take as much time as you want.

According to, confidence is the key factor and that is why it is important for one to be confident. This is why it offers the self guided courses and materials so that you learn yourself. One more advantage of learning English online is that if you are conscious about your speaking skills, then you will not be worried when doing it alone as there will not be anyone else but you only.

How To Learn English Online

The illustrative and instructive video lessons provide you with various lessons and activities that will suit your proficiency to the fullest. Every lesson has a real-life situation that is instructed by the best professionals. These videos introduce you to new grammar and vocabulary naturally. Once you check how the language is being used in real life, you are completely ready for another step. Get done with the video lessons and move on to the other exercises.

The forum connects you with other learners so that you can learn more and better. This way you get to talk to the people who are also learning English and discuss all the notes and materials. It gives you a perfect chance to do the group study with the other people.

The courses and the notes provided by EnglishClass101 are blended and well researched by the professionals and it makes the courses highly accurate and best in the quality. These courses certainly allow you to learn English in the shortest time possible.

The downloadable products that you get with your life time free account provide you with the best audio conversations that you can listen learn how to speak certain words. The conversations are even real-life based and they even teach you the way to use words naturally.

The apps on your smart phones allow you to take your EnglishClass101 with you anywhere you want. The apps allow you to hear the audio and video conversations, see the flash cards and much more. In short, it allows learning English whenever you want and wherever you want.

With so much amazing features, EnglishClass101 becomes the most desired source to learn English online. It gives you the life time free account and all the features for no cost, what else would anyone want. To sum it all, it is one of the finest way to learn English while sitting at home.

Click here go get your free account now!

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Tip 6: How To Learn Real English Sat, 18 Jan 2014 22:53:18 +0000 According to A.J. Hoge of “Effortless English,” in order to speak the English language well, English language learners must learn real English. To learn real English, it is important to follow Effortless English Rule 6 and use real English materials. “Real English materials” can be defined as any reading materials that native speakers would choose to read or any listening materials that are made up of real conversations by native speakers. Basically, by eliminating all language learning textbooks and audio and by strictly using real English materials, students will not only learn to speak English more fluently, but also sound more natural when speaking.

effortless-english-speaking.jpgWhen choosing reading material, it is best for English language learners to choose easy stories or novels that they find interesting. This way, readers are more likely to enjoy the stories and less likely to tire or lose interest in them. The same argument applies to listening material. Since English language students learn 80% of English through listening skills, it is important for them to listen to real conversations that are interesting and intriguing. Keeping a learner’s attention is very important to their learning at a quicker and more efficient pace.

Podcasts are highly recommended as great listening tools, as conversations are natural. There is also a great array of different topics to choose from, including podcasts about sports, cars, music, or movies. Another tool which can help improve an English language learner’s speaking skills is the audio book, which combines both reading and listening material together in a pre-recorded book. It is wise for English language learners to start with children’s books, as the level is easier to understand, and as learners improve their English skills, they can then move on to more advanced stories geared towards young adults and later to even more advanced material geared towards adults, including advanced reading materials or adult movies and news stations or channels.

By choosing real English materials such as books, audio books, movies, podcasts, and TV shows, English language learners are exposed to and can learn real English. Through reading and listening, learners can slowly begin to experience the spoken words of the English language, and with repetitive and continued practice, will improve their own speaking skills. The importance of using real English materials, which exposes English language learners to natural conversations, cannot be stressed enough.

English language textbooks and audio are unnatural and staged, and teach language learners to speak formally and artificially. The vocabulary and grammar taught in textbooks is usually geared towards helping improve writing skills rather than speaking skills. In order to be able to get by speaking to native speakers, English language learners must learn to speak naturally, as though they are in an English language environment. The only way that this can be done is by using the same reading materials that native speakers read or listening to audio that contains real conversations by native speakers. Overall, English language learning using real English materials is not only a great way to learn English, but also a great way to have fun.

Learn Real English With AJ Hoge

Click here to view more details!

AJ Hoge of Effortless English is a native speaker teacher. He is a really great teacher and has listening audio lesson set called Power English. I think that is the best learning English course and very powerful for intermedite and advanced learners. You can learn real English with AJ by using his Power English lessons.

Click here to download Power English Lessons!

Effortless English Rules Video Series:

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Build Power by Building Your Vocabulary Wed, 15 Jan 2014 13:40:41 +0000 ultimate-vocabulary-builderUltimate Vocabulary Builder program, at, is the most valuable vocabulary-building program on the market. The program is so easy to use and can be quickly downloaded directly from the internet. However, once you have downloaded the program into your computer, you no longer need an internet connection to access the amazing package.

The program is a comprehensive, massive resource, and learning tool that modifies itself to fit your needs as you move through the program. Ultimate Vocabulary Builder is so confident in their product that if you are not satisfied with the product, they will give you a full refund, plus $50 in your pocket! The plethora of English language resources, available for a very reasonable price, is worth the investment! In a difficult job market, Ultimate Vocabulary Builder may just be the edge you need in order to stand out from the competition.

As a high school teacher, preparing students for college and life-long careers, I have found this program to be paramount in preparing students for future endeavors and giving them the power they need to navigate a challenging world. Ultimate Vocabulary prepares students for the MEAP, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and SAT Tests. The program also provides English language learners an opportunity to learn the English language at an accelerated pace. Additionally, the games, flash cards, and printable worksheets are fantastic resources for the classroom as well. I utilize these great resources for teaching English and Communications courses, and my students do better overall with these supplemental materials than those who have not used Ultimate Vocabulary Builder.

Sharp communications skills are at the top of the list that employers use when hiring new employees. A powerful vocabulary is one of the most essential ingredients for success in career communications. Ultimate Vocabulary Builder will help you when writing cover letters, resumes, and when filling out job applications.

Ultimate Vocabulary Builder is a powerful tool that is guaranteed to give you an advantage over everyone else. When first impressions mean everything to a potential employer, it is essential to have an impressive vocabulary for communicating! It is especially useful to studens for learning English. So click below links to learn more about that powerful software.

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Translate English And Make Money Online Fri, 10 Jan 2014 09:42:30 +0000 Today I want to talk about Real Translator Jobs. This is very interesting topic for bilingual people who wants to make money online. English is an international language but there is still needs translation for non English speakers. First watch below video and click the link under the video to learn much more about Real Translator Jobs.

What Is Real Translator Jobs?

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Translation involves communicating the meaning of a given language text (source) into the same or equivalent text of another language. This means that a translator should be able to speak, read and write at least two languages with perfect fluency. With the emergence of the internet, the global communication and marketing industry continues to grow in bound. And as the world becomes more of a global village, you can make money from translation jobs because jobs will continue to be on high demand, with total world spoken languages estimated to be close to 6,500.

As the professionals responsible for converting information from one language to another, interpreters and translators have their work cut out for them. Despite being closely related, interpreters work with spoken language, as well as sign language, while tra nslators’ purview is the written word. To convert information from one language (the source) to another (the target), these professionals must use their knowledge of the languages, cultures and subject matter.

A good translator will know how to verbally communicate in their language of choice, as well as how to read and write effectively in that language. The attention to detail that is required in some aspects of translation (with grammar, pronouns and cultural differences being just to name a few) is considerable, making this job more difficult than most people realize. An important aspect of being an effective translator is translating concepts, which is much harder than just translating words on paper.

english-translation-jobBeing a specialized profession with limited qualified members, translation is one of the best paying jobs we have today. But like any other career, it is one full of mixed fortunes, with a very huge gap between the best paid and the least paid translators, with the lowest making about $28,500 and the best going to $175,000 or even higher on some jobs. With an annual growth rate of 13%, translation jobs will continue to be there, both in governments, churches and the private sector.

There are a number of tips on how to make money from translation jobs, including:- Focus on the languages that are, or are expected to be in very high demand, like the Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Globally, Spanish, English and French translation skills will remain some of the highest sought after languages.- Do not be a master of all trades, specialize and get accreditation in one language pair and get accreditation. This will get you some of the best paying jobs because of your unique talents. Taking a language proficiency test will buffer your resume, just as internship experience will give you advantage over others in job search. Advance your skills as you gain more experience as this will enable you take up prestigious or difficult jobs.

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  • Become a freelance translator. Some translators make money from translation jobs while working from their home because the work is just e-mailed to them or they simply visit a certain website and pick up translation jobs. Purchase some translation software solutions like Trados or Wordfast, then visit websites that offer online jobs such as, ,, Translatorscafe,, and You can register for free or go for paid up registration, even though free registration will limit you in accessing high paying jobs. You will not believe how much you can make a freelancer, especially if you work fulltime. Just post out your resume detailing your notable previous assignments job will come flowing in you until you end up turning off many of them because of time.
  • Get a job with a translation agency. Send your resume to the translation agencies in your area, and you will get lots of translation jobs. Translatorscafe and American Translators Association have more than 5450 translation agencies registered with them.
  • If you want to make money from translation jobs, Start Your Own Translation Agency. This will earn you very good money, even though you have to exercise some patient before your presence over the internet gets noticed. You must also be prepared to compete with established translation agencies to succeed. For instance, US based translation agencies, Mission Essential Personnel and Lionbridge Technologies registered revenues of $725m and $427m respectively in 2011 alone. Don’t just sit there gasping, get down to starting your own agency right now and join the league of money makers.
  • Evaluate the level of concentration in your geographical location. English-Spanish languages are highly competitive, but you can make money from translation jobs in English-Arabic or English-Chinese languages. These languages are relatively difficult and people get very scared. Better still, every language needs a translator, so you need not worry whether you will get a job, but how long it will get you to get one.
  • You can also make money from translation jobs by teaching languages online or becoming an interpreter.

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If you make money from translation jobs, how much and how hard should you work to say claim to have professionally succeeded? If a translator has to work for far too long, say over 12 hours a day, to make decent money, can that be said to be successful? Or is there a certain cut-off point of income that helps us determine if someone is successful or not? Those are an argument for another day.

It is projected that by 2018, the employment of interpreters and translators is projected to increase 22 percent. This number is well above average for other careers, so you can plan to make money from translation jobs, by opening an agency, becoming a freelancer translator, or simply joining the profession and looking for some of the well paying jobs in this industry. Given that the internet has made the world a digital village, and with online, affiliate and internet marketing plus shopping continuing to grow in leaps, the growth statistics are just a conservative estimate. If you are thinking about getting into the bright language translation or interpretation field, it definitely looks a very good career decision, one that will not drive you into regrets.

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