Acquiring a new language opens doorways and helps to create brand new opportunities. eTeacher allows you as well as enjoyment to learn a different language inside the convenience of your own house.

Through eTeacher, learners practice an internet digital classroom and also learn by a professional, native English speaking educators. Lessons are actually carried out inside tiny groups or private sessions.

eTeacher is an international skilled as well as major professional associated with online schooling. We believe in bringing together the strength of modern technology, high quality teachers along with exceptional information in order to provide our users through the most convenient, specialist and useful learning experience.


eTeacher Online English Learning

eTeacher’s internet language school was established in 2000, along with a large number of learners from more than One hundred nations have taken part in our own live, web based classes over the years. Working experience has shown that real-time relationships between teacher and learner is really the most efficient way to learn. Then when thinking about a foreign language, there is nothing far better than learning together with the best native teachers.

eTeacher’s electronic classes are conducted by using live video conferencing. Learners can see the teacher with a web camera. They’re able to speak with the teacher along with other class participants employing a head set & microphone. The lesson components are actually displayed by way of a multi-media application for each student’s computer screen. Lessons resources will include a mix of typical and online material that has been designed particularly for online learning.

Applying eTeacher’s modern technology, you can now enjoy learning by the very best teachers while not leaving the comfort of your own house.

eTeacher English Summary

Acquiring a new language opens up doors and helps to create new opportunities. English is definitely the intercontinental language of business, travel around, as well as diplomacy. Mastery of English is the greatest method to make you an international citizen.

eTeacher is happy to present the perfect native English teachers from the United States Of America, teaching you English for personal, business, academic, as well as holiday requirements.

eTeacher’s virtual courses are carried out by way of live video conferencing. Learners can easily see the teacher via a internet cam. They are able to speak to the teacher as well as other class members utilizing a complimentary bluetooth headset & microphone stand from eTeacher. All of the lesson materials are generally presented with a multimedia application on every student’s monitor. Learning items will include a mix of content material which has been produced especially for online learning.

Together with eTeacher, you will learn online inside small classes (6-8 students) or even in individual sessions (one-on-one). Classes are planned according to students’ locations, time zones, and private preferences. The actual group courses are based on 1 of 2 power levels, dependant upon the desires of the group.

For the higher intensity program, classes happen 2 times every week, as the lower intensity course is comprised of 1 course per week. Learners may submit homework as well as learn fresh vocabulary in advance of each and every class. The individual program (one-on-one tutoring) permits students to succeed in a pace and power fitted to their own individual skill level.

Employing eTeacher’s superior technology, it’s easy to take pleasure in learning by the best teachers with out leaving the comfort of your home. Each of our teachers experience extensive training programs to ready them intended for online learning. Right after each session, learners are required to rate the actual course, enabling us to take care of our regular teaching superiority.

The English process is separated into Two tracks:



The Basic course features:

  • English Foundations – for learners along with a minimum of qualifications in English.
  • Beginners – Three courses
  • Intermediate – Three courses
  • Advanced – Three courses

The Professional course contains:

  • Business English – Two training
  • Academic English – 2 training

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What are the various students reported concerning eTeacher English course (Customer feedback)

I absolutely love learning along with eteacher. Learning online from my home is really effortless, and the teacher is quite experienced and attentive. (Daniel R., Germany)

I even now believe it’s really a miracle which I can learn new languages through my own cozy little home. I love learning together with eTeacher and each week I count the days prior to the next course! (Alex B., Belgium)

I have been happy with both the teacher as well as the materials so far. The lessons are usually paced properly as well as I find the feeling that you care that we all are learning. (Julia R., Neteherlands)

I would choose to work with this possibility to thank you and all E-THEACHER organization designed for fantastic online course. Julia and me joined up with Advanced-II group 1 month ago. Our own teachers Sandra Rogers and Julie Moskal are native English speakers with excellent information and pedagogic capabilities.

Each our lesson is remarkable English practice, vocabulary, grammar, listening and conversation training, new info about designs we all never imagined to discuss. We actually feel that our own English gets greater! We suggest this course to each one who wants to improve his English abilities by way of simple and obtain language knowledge. Sincerely, Ksenia (Chagan Ksenia, Israel)

Certainly enjoying lessons. Great teacher, material laid out and offered well, have not sensed just about any achievement in previous attempts to learn a language – at this point I do – thanks a lot. (Jones Michael, Canada)

Excellent-I actually enjoy these types of courses and am in no way disappointed. Each and every lesson is usually methodized a little differently that enhances the experience. (Feigelis Robin, USA)

Wonderful class. Even at times I feel very exhausted, environmental surroundings of the course helps to keep me energized and interested. I really enjoy the strategy and I am quite happy to have the developments I am making. (Zeev Binyamin, USA)

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