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If you are looking for help with your English, perhaps you might be looking to speak English fluently if you cannot already, then you would be glad to know that there are resources available that can offer you some help toward reaching your goal. The Power English course helps you to learn naturally, it doesn’t enforce strict rules on you. Instead, with Power English, you will learn actively. By taking the Power English course, you will feel more confident in your ability to speak English. It is important to develop your skills so that you can speak the language on a daily basis, in conversation with people when you are communicating or expressing your feelings, wants, or concerns. If you aren’t that strong at speaking English, you do not have to be worried or embarrassed, because there is an easy way for you to get better and to learn and that is with the Power English course.

power-english-course02This course is a very easy method to follow along with, anyone can easily understand the process and follow along in order to pick-up a lot of good teaching on the right way to speak English fluently. When you want to learn English speaking methods, it is important to use resources that you can easily understand. It isn’t going to help you get anywhere if you are frustrated when you are learning. With the power English course, you will not get frustrated because this course gives you confidence and it slowly brings you along in learning how to speak the English language fluently. If you want to improve the way that you speak English, you do not have to be afraid to try and this course is there to help you to do it.

After you start with this program, you will be able to speak more naturally and others will notice the improvement in your ability to speak the language. The course is several months long and they include vocabulary lessons that enhance learning with your ears. Learning with your ears is a lot more effective than learning by reading something from a page. In the course you also get to hear stories from other people, by hearing stories from people this is how you learn proper ways of communicating the language.

This program is from Effortless English system and different from other English courses because it does not put a focus on grammar rules, instead it embraces a natural learning style and you are free to move at a pace that is your own. You can learn how to speak English just as good as those people who were born naturally speaking it. After you have completed the Power English program, you will be able to speak English fluently. There are a variety of things that are included in the course, but overall it is a simple and creative approach that can help you improve your knowledge of the English language.

If you are looking to learn effortless English speaking ways, then this program is the right option for you. This is a great value for the money and you don’t need to put much effort in before you really get results, it changes you and improves your English very quickly. You have to put in effort too though, the program doesn’t do it on its own. The course is easy so it is simple to follow along, but you must put in the effort of trying and going along with the course, at the end when you have put in the effort, you will definitely see a difference in the way that you speak English.

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Learn Effortless English Tips:

How To Speak Power English Fluently

We made a new animation explainer video presentation for Power English course. We hope that you will enjoy this video called how to speak English fluently. So we will soon redesign our website and create more useful content to introduce the Power English lessons. But now, please watch below video and share it on you social media like facebook.

Power English Speaking Lessons

Meet Alex. He wants to speak English. His grammar was good. But he couldn’t speak. First, he tried old learning methods He went to an English school. He read more boring textbooks. He studied more grammar and took more tests. But Alex couldn’t speak English still. Until he found Power English Lessons.

We gave him Power English Lessons. 2 Hours a day, he listened our lessons and learnt with his ears. He listened our mini story lessons and answered easy questions. He improved his English speaking skills easily. Power English Course has:

  • Audio Mp3 lessons
  • Mini Story Lessons
  • Vocabulary Lessons
  • POV Lessons,
  • Listening MP3s
  • Reading Pdf texts
  • Bonus videos
  • Forum membership

Alex has improved his English speaking very fast. He can speak English fluently now. You can speak English too! Just use Power English Lessons. Listening & Speaking Lessons, EffortlessEnglishSpeaking.com

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Tip 6: How To Learn Real English

According to A.J. Hoge of “Effortless English,” in order to speak the English language well, English language learners must learn real English. To learn real English, it is important to follow Effortless English Rule 6 and use real English materials. “Real English materials” can be defined as any reading materials that native speakers would choose to read or any listening materials that are made up of real conversations by native speakers. Basically, by eliminating all language learning textbooks and audio and by strictly using real English materials, students will not only learn to speak English more fluently, but also sound more natural when speaking.

effortless-english-speaking.jpgWhen choosing reading material, it is best for English language learners to choose easy stories or novels that they find interesting. This way, readers are more likely to enjoy the stories and less likely to tire or lose interest in them. The same argument applies to listening material. Since English language students learn 80% of English through listening skills, it is important for them to listen to real conversations that are interesting and intriguing. Keeping a learner’s attention is very important to their learning at a quicker and more efficient pace.

Podcasts are highly recommended as great listening tools, as conversations are natural. There is also a great array of different topics to choose from, including podcasts about sports, cars, music, or movies. Another tool which can help improve an English language learner’s speaking skills is the audio book, which combines both reading and listening material together in a pre-recorded book. It is wise for English language learners to start with children’s books, as the level is easier to understand, and as learners improve their English skills, they can then move on to more advanced stories geared towards young adults and later to even more advanced material geared towards adults, including advanced reading materials or adult movies and news stations or channels.

By choosing real English materials such as books, audio books, movies, podcasts, and TV shows, English language learners are exposed to and can learn real English. Through reading and listening, learners can slowly begin to experience the spoken words of the English language, and with repetitive and continued practice, will improve their own speaking skills. The importance of using real English materials, which exposes English language learners to natural conversations, cannot be stressed enough.

English language textbooks and audio are unnatural and staged, and teach language learners to speak formally and artificially. The vocabulary and grammar taught in textbooks is usually geared towards helping improve writing skills rather than speaking skills. In order to be able to get by speaking to native speakers, English language learners must learn to speak naturally, as though they are in an English language environment. The only way that this can be done is by using the same reading materials that native speakers read or listening to audio that contains real conversations by native speakers. Overall, English language learning using real English materials is not only a great way to learn English, but also a great way to have fun.

Learn Real English With AJ Hoge

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AJ Hoge of Effortless English is a native speaker teacher. He is a really great teacher and has listening audio lesson set called Power English. I think that is the best learning English course and very powerful for intermedite and advanced learners. You can learn real English with AJ by using his Power English lessons.

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Effortless English Rules Video Series:

Tip 5: Effortless English Grammar Learning

As you remember, when we talking about Effortless English rule number 2, we told you do not study grammar rules. You might be shocked a little bit and you might tought that but how can I learn English grammar without studying grammar rules. Well, today you are going to find out the answer.

This is Effortless English rule 5, Use Point Of View stories to learn English grammar automatically. Yes, you can learn grammar instantly, subconsciously and automatically with Effortless English lessons.

What is Point Of View?

point-of-view-english-grammarWho in their right mind really wants to study grammar? A grammar text book and exercises are very boring. No one wants to spend hours trying to understand English grammar. It’s no fun. Here’s the good news, though: you can still learn it without staring at a grammar book for a long time. The technique is called Point of View Stories or Point of View Mini Stories.

You need to understand what “mini” means to fully comprehend what Point of View Mini Stories are. “Mini” means small. So, for example, if you have a “mini” car, your car is small. A mini story is a small story, and a Point of View Mini Story is a small story that you can use to learn English grammar.

The next step is to understand where “point of view” comes in. When the time or grammar structures in the story are changed, you can say that the “point of view” of the story changes. This is kind of like the traditional meaning of “point of view” that means someone’s perspective or way of understanding something. If you change the verbs in a story from the present to the past tense, for example, we can say that the point of view changed.

Take the following mini story that is happening in the present tense, right now, for example: She goes to the library. Then she walks to the park to read her book. This story happened in the present tense. What happens if I change the two verbs in the story to the past tense? She went to the library. Then she walked to the park to read her book.

When you listen to or read the two stories over and over again, you will begin to remember the differences in the verbs. Repeat these stories to yourself to begin to understand the present and past tenses in English.

You could also change the story to the future tense. She will go to the library. Then she will go to the park to read her book. You could also talk about what she may do. She would like to go to the library. Then she wants to walk to the park to read her book.

These stories can be changed in any number of ways to teach you grammar without having to think about words like “irregular verbs,” “conditionals,” or “future tense.” This was just a very simple example of how you can use a mini story to understand English grammar.

In the Point of View Mini Story technique, you will listen to stories that are a bit longer, but the idea is the same. The stories are relatively short, and they introduce you to English grammar in a way that is easy to remember and to use. You will learn without having to memorize grammar rules. All you have to do is learn English like you learned your first language: by actually using it in a way that makes sense. Now watch below video to learn more about Effortless English point of view mini story lessons.

Effortless English Grammar Lessons (POV)

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Effortless English Rules Videos:

Tip 4: How To Learn English Deeply

effortless-english-rul-4-videoToday, you are going to learn Efforltess English rule 4. This is a distinct approach to learning English which is called the “fourth rule for speaking English”. When you practice this method of learning English you will get good results in your learning, your English will just be excellent. This method involves deep learning where you repeat what you have learnt many times until you get your desired results.

This way of learning English will help you learn English greatly more than the way you were taught at school because at school you were required to learn very fast leaving you with no chance of repeating what you have learnt. At school you were taught very many vocabulary and you were taught very fast. You were also introduced to new grammar each week and introduced to new words everyday and all these were done too fast for you to master.

The teachers at school were determined to cover all the topics of the text books at specified term limits that’s why they taught you to master the words fast. The problem with learning so many things at a specified time period is that you may end up forgetting everything that you have learnt or if not so you may forget some.

It is important that you learn new topics slowly and then try to repeat what you have learned many times until you get to understand them fully before moving on to the next topic. This way you get to learn things deeply and in the end you surely get to understand them. Perhaps you may have learned possessiveness or learned about future tense and present perfect tense. This you learned so fast that you didn’t master the past tense because you learned everything so fast and did not learn deeply. You will be making mistakes with the past tense because you didn’t learn it deeply and consequently you didn’t master it.

It is advisable that if you are for example listening to an audio article as a way of learning, don’t just listen to it once but do it as many times as you possibly can until you can master what the article is all about. When you do this you will have actually practiced deep learning. You are advised to keep on listening English even more even if you have known the vocabulary. This is so because being conversant with the vocabulary is not enough but hearing it repeatedly makes you master it very well. This way you will be able to speak English faster and also be able to use grammar correctly.

When you are listening to a story in past tense you are advised to listen to it many times as this will help you in the mastery of how to correctly use the past tenses. You are also advised to take keen interest on popular English words, and the most popular vocabulary. You keep listening and then repeat what you have done as this the best way for you to learn deeply. This is how you will automatically start speaking English fluently.

Effortless English Lessons For Deep Learning

Effortless English course has great mp3 listening lessons to help you to learn English deeply. Especially mini story lessons are very powerful materials which lots of repetition. AJ Hoge ask you a lot of easy questions and you just answer them out loud. So you have a chance to learn English deeply.

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Effortless English Learning Tips Videos:

Tip 1: Learn English Phrases

Tip 2: Don’t Study Grammar Rules

Tip3: Practice English Listening

Tip 3: Practice English Listening Skills

This is another tip for learning English easily and fast. We shared before Effortless English tip 1: learning English phrases so that learn vocabulary faster and remember them longer. AJ Hoge explained how to use phrases to improve your vocabulary.

And rule number 2: Don’t study grammar rules. This is a very suprising rule for most of English learners. Because schools told them study grammar constantly. But the truth is you should stay away grammar rules. Because it kills your speaking skills. Click here to watch AJ Hoge video for rule number 2. So in this lesson you will learn rule number 3 of Effortless English.

What Is The Key To Learn English Easily?

practice-english-listeningExperts have emphasized since long on the importance of Listening to a language in order to speak it correctly and the same stands true for English. In below video tutorial named Effortless English Rule 3, A.J Hoge who is any expert on English and also the director of Effortless English. And Effortless English series has laid strongly stress on this rule.

According to A.J. Hoge Rule number 3 which states that “Learn English with your ears, not with your eyes” seems fairly simple and straightforward yet it is the most important rule or suggestion of the entire Effortless English program. The instructor states that in order to have excellent spoken English Skills, it is important that learners put their ears to use because listening is the key to having excellent English speaking skills.

It is important to understand that why is listening so important to quickly and easily getting good at speaking English. By listening to English you add to your vocabulary and develop a general yet an applied understanding of how a language which in this case is English is spoken in actuality or in real life. Listening is the magic key which can exponentially increase your English speaking skills in a very short period of time.

One of the reasons why most people have trouble in speaking smooth steady English is because in schools pupil are generally taught to learn English by watching or reading instead of listening. Schools all around the world have a huge emphasis on textbooks and learning through reading and since English is taught in schools. Therefore the same formula is applied to this subject too.

How To Practice English Listening

This enhanced reliance on text books and on the methodology of learning English through eyes leaves students with very strong basics and academic understanding about what, where and why and the rules of English but fails to deliver to them the practical knowledge required to speak fluent error free English.

This is one of the reasons why native language speakers are so good at speaking their language despite the fact that they might not have adequate grounding in the rules and regulations of English. This knowledge of speaking fluent, error free English is acquired by the natives through listening to other English speakers and then adapting what has been learned through listening.

Despite this methodology being fairly simply there are some specifics involved in making it effective and first and the foremost is to ensure that as a learner who is learning to speak fluent English you should only listen to Easy English. What does easy English mean? Easy English means that English which 95% or more is understandable to you when being spoken and you do not require a dictionary to understand the words being used in while that English is being used.

A good place to start is with children programs that utilize basic English language. Another source could be audio books for teenagers because these sources utilize very basic English therefore they are easy to understand while being listened too. Audio articles are also a potent tool to put this methodology to practice but the core idea is for a learner to listen to as much English as possible. You should utilize IPod’s, Mp3 players to listen to English at any available opportunity and this consistent listening to English is sure to enhance a person’s English speaking skills in a very short span of time.

Effortless English course has lots of great listening lessons. You can use this lessons to improve your listening and speaking skills. This is very useful for intermediate and advanced learners.

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