Effortless English Speaking Course

Effortless English Program allows you to learn English easily with your ears. All the lessons are mp3 format with pdf text. Listen the mini story lessons and answer easy questions out loud. So you will gain speaking skills automatically.

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Learn Real English Conversations Course

Can you speak real English? Probably not. In school you did not learn real English. you learned textbook English. Now, just our mini stories of real English conversations and you will understand and speak English automatically.
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Listening English Lessons

Learn English by listening. Just children do. This is the most important rule of Efforltess English System.

Learn Phrases Not Words

Learn English phrases not individual words. So you will learn vocabulary 3-5 times faster.

Don't Study Grammar

Grammar kills your speaking skills. There is no time to think when you speak. So you have to speak autimatically whithout thinking.

Learn English Deeply

In order to understand English when you hear and speak automatically, you must learn English deeply. This is another important rule of Effortless English system.

Point Of View Stories

POV stories are very powerful to use English grammar correctly and automatically. Effortless English POV lessons will teach you grammar subconsciously.

Learn Real English

Real English is different from textbooks. So, if you want to understand everyday English, you must learn Real English. Effortless English lessons are real spoken English.

Speak English Fluently in a short time!

Just listen mini stories and answer easy questions. You will speak English fluently very fast.

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Speaking Skills

Learn To Speak English Courses


Effortless English Course

Effortless English is the most powerful course to improve English speaking. This is 6 months long course which has listen and answer mini story lessons, mp3 audio lessons, vocabulary and POV lessons.


Learn Real English Course

The Learn Real English website also explains the differences between how children learn language and how adults learn language. It explains how children do not study grammar or vocabulary, but pick up the language naturally from conversations.

Success With Stories

Success with Stories course is a great way to improve English speaking skills. This course which English fluency now’s director Lisa Biskup has created, involves listening to stories that are read aloud. These stories are then followed by a vocabulary lesson taken directly from the short story that was previously read.

The method works, you just need to relax and enjoy. Remember: the only thing needed is patience. Listen, answer, and one day, your brain will make the miracle. We start to think in English, without translations


Vicente Queretaro

The Method Works!, Mexico

This is the best course for speaking and learning English! I listened mini story audio lessons and answered very simple questions again and again. After two weeks, I felt the improvement of my speaking.


Tomas Barron Osuna

Speaking and Learning!

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